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Strategic aims:


1.      Reaching to the highest level of quality and innovation in producing the products 

2.      Use of technical knowledge and providing the best services as soon as possible                                   

3.   Attention to customer,s needs and expectations through evaluation             




1)   Becoming the best domestic company in the field of  construction and industrial electricity and distribution to 2021

2)   Becoming a prestigious domestic company in the country`s construction industry

3)     Developing the company`s activity to foreign countries



About Us

Ertebatat parsian tajhiz company was founded in 2005 with the purpose manufactoring and enginearing of high and medium voltage network,s fittings.Since established, the company has carried out three strategies :operation innovation strategy, people- oriented strategy, technical guidance strategy, and implemented strict scientific management with full-fledged quality  management systems.

Contact us

  Unit3- # 355-Opposite gas station-Northern sohrevardi street-Tehran- Iran



 8 am-17 pm